Unicom Group Holdings,Inc.

President Message

In Japan, we are witnessing a significant shift in the way people manage their asset, from saving towards direct investment. In accordance to this trend, the Securities Exchange Law, the Financial Futures Trading Law, and the Commodity Exchange Act were amended to ensure a fairer and more open investing environment as well as to strengthen the investor protection. With these changes, there has been a surge of shake ups in the financial world beyond the traditional boundaries between each segment. As a competition intensified, many financial services companies are prompted either to change or to restructure their business models.

Japanese financial market is facing a time of drastic transitions. Financial Products Exchange Law, which regulates financial products in cross-sector manner, was put on effect on September 2007.There is also a discussion about a creation of the one-stop exchange that encompasses securities, financial futures, and commodity futures.

Although turbulent environment means hardships for many, we believe that it provides us a great chance for a growth. Under this condition, we deem that flexible corporate structure is needed to respond promptly and effectively to the changes, and to deliver a steady increase of our corporate value for our stakeholders. In October, 2006, we have made a transition to the holding company system, which we strongly believe is instrumental for further growth.

As a holding company, Unicom Group Holdings, Inc. will oversee our entire group organization. We intend to expand through effective allocation of human, information, and capital resources, and to take such measures as mergers and acquisitions when the situation deems opportune. Furthermore, we will continue to support our member corporations by providing them with the infrastructure of business administration and information technologies.. We will also enforce them a strict compliance to the laws, regulations, and business ethics, and require them to manage their risks properly, to improve companies' transparency.

As a group as whole, we will continue to strive to grow, and to be a company worthy of your trust. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Unicom Group Holdings, Inc.
Chairman  Katsuaki Futaya