Unicom Group Holdings,Inc.

Affiliated Companies

In today's business environment, competition has gotten stiffer, as a result of markets becoming internationally open, and boundaries between industries getting blurry. The same could be said about the commodity futures industry, prompting firms to diversify and globalize their operations.

Under this backdrop, Nihon Unicom, Inc. and its affiliated companies have formed the "Unicom Group" in 2001 to provide a base for a comprehensive financial service.

Unicom Group offers commodity futures brokerage, its core service, along with securities, foreign exchange margin trade, and managed futures. We also provide market information and trading platforms on aforementioned fields, as well as consultation service. Through cooperation between group companies, we intend to facilitate the synergy effect, creating a corporate structure more susceptible to the customers' asset management needs. By such measures, we plan to continue to grow as a group.

The Unicom Group

Nihon Unicom,Inc.
  • Commodity futures trading and brokerage
  • Managed futures
Nissan Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Securities